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Baby Moose

Five amazing things that happened to me as a volunteer.

  1. I watched a moose give birth.
  2. I heard a Great Horned Owl purr, exactly like a kitten.
  3. I wore a giant chicken costume and read slightly scary stories at the Park’s Halloween Night Hike, and I met a little girl wearing a chicken suit of her own. We were twins!
  4. I learned a lot about animals—for instance, that Porcupines can’t throw their quills, that if a Skunk can’t lift his tail, he can’t spray you and that a Gray Fox can climb a tree, but a Red Fox can’t.
  5. I discovered that if you do something you have to do, it’s work, but if you do something that makes a Porcupine’s life a little happier, it’s pure fun.

Why the Animals that Live Here Live Here

None of the wild creatures that populate the Park could survive in the wild—not for long, anyway.  A few of the animals, and many of the birds, are permanently incapacitated.

Several of the birds have damaged wings, and cannot fly well enough to make it on their own.

One of our red foxes has been blind since birth. (She gets along fine.)

Most of the animals were abandoned or taken from their parents at such an early age they had to be raised by humans, and as a result could never learn how to survive without human help.

That's why the Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park are always looking for volunteers.

If you’d like to join us for an hour a week, an hour a day or just once in a while, please e-mail your name, phone number and address to President, Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park, at (You have to be at least 18, unless a parent or guardian is with you when you’re here.)